In order to get your account verified, we require the following information and documents during the KYC process:

  •  Verification of your mobile phone number, required by our KYC partner T2P (a Bank of Thailand regulated company) to process your KYC. You will also be required to consent to T2P's terms and conditions.
  • A photo of your ID, for example a valid national identity card (for Thai nationals) or a passport (for non-Thai nationals).
  • Personal information supplied on your ID.
  • Your address details.
  • A selfie of your face without glasses, headgear, mask or any face-covering.

You will also be required to validate your ID either by using NFC (for passports) or Dip Chip (for Thai ID cards) at a convenient kiosk location. There might, however, be some cases where users are required to upload an additional photo of the identity document.