You can withdraw funds from your wallet at any time, provided that the amount you wish to withdraw is within the maximum 24-hour withdrawal limit and does not exceed the cash balance in your wallet.

  1. Go to your Portfolio page and click on 'Withdraw Funds.'
    *Check the 'Withdraw Money' button and review your cash balance in your wallet on the account page. If withdraw is disabled, check your Available Funds balance, or Account status.

  2. Enter the amount of fund you wish to withdraw from your account, and click ‘Next’.

  3. For your first withdrawal, select your bank (If you bank is not displayed, please contact support for assistance). Fill in your account name and account number, and click 'Next.' Your bank details will be saved for future use.
    *Note: Your account name must match the name used for identity verification when opening the account.

  4. For subsequent withdrawals, the bank details you entered initially will automatically appear. If the information is correct, click 'Confirm'.
    *If you need to change your bank account details, click the yellow message to contact our customer support team.

  5. Enter your PIN code or use the biometric facial scan or fingerprint that you've set up to confirm the transaction.

  6. If your withdrawal is successful, you will receive a withdrawal statement. The withdrawn amount will be deducted from the available cash balance displayed on the portfolio page, and the withdrawal details will be visible on the account transaction page.