For assets with initial fraction offering status, you can subscribe by following these steps:

  1. Go to the asset with initial fraction offering status that you want to reserve and click 'Subscribe.'

  2. Complete a knowledge assessment to ensure that you understand the product you are investing in.
    Note: This step is only available if you have not completed the Knowledge Assessment within the past 90 days.

  3. Specify the number of fractions you want to subscribe to and click 'Subscribe.'
    Note: Ensure that the subscription value does not exceed the maximum subscription amount,
    Note: The remaining cash balance must be greater than or equal to the net subscription value including fees.

  4. Enter your PIN code or use biometrics (facial scan or fingerprint) that you have set up to confirm the transaction.

  5. If you successfully complete the subscription transaction, a subscription form will appear.

  6. Subscription details will be visible on the Portfolio-Subscription page.
    Note: When you complete the subscription, the 'Money in Subscription' in your wallet will be reserved during the initial fraction period and before the allocation of fraction units."