An institutional investor shall refer to any of the following investors:

  1. Bank of Thailand
  2. Commercial Bank
  3. Bank established under specific law
  4. Finance Company
  5. Credit Foncier
  6. Securities Company
  7. Non-life Insurance Company
  8. Life Insurance Company
  9. Mutual Fund
  10. Private Fund managed by a securities company for the investment of ultra-high net worth investors, high net worth investors or investors under (1) to (9) or (11) to (25)
  11. Provident Fund
  12. Government Pension Fund
  13. Social Security Fund
  14. National Saving Fund
  15. Financial Institution Development Fund
  16. Derivatives business operator under the Law on Derivatives;
  17. Derivatives business operator under the Law on Agricultural Futures Trading
  18. International Financial Institution
  19. Deposit Protection Agency
  20. Stock Exchange of Thailand
  21. Juristic person in the category of statutory corporation
  22. Juristic person whose shares are held by the investors under (1) to (21), in aggregate, exceeding seventy-five percent of the total voting shares
  23. Foreign investor having characteristics similar to the investors under (1) to (22)
  24. Fund manager or derivatives fund manager in accordance with the Notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board concerning Rules on Personnel in Capital Market Business
  25. Any other investors as specified by the SEC Office